Why We're Starting a Sustainable Blazer Company

“Oh, we’re all trailblazers!”

*sees blazer*

*trail… blazers… trailblazers!”

“Guys! Trailblazers! A blazer company for trailblazers”

… That’s how this company started. Literally. 

We, Warner & Kenzie, met at our college and became instant friends. We immediately bonded over this common idea that business could be used as a tool for good. For almost a year, we spent our nights, weekends, and any spare minutes discussing inequity in supply chains, and companies who we’re trying to do things right. 

As two business students, we studied business models across the globe and found one scary truth: the majority of the products we enjoy daily- your morning coffee, that sweater you wear on repeat, the components of your iPhone- are made using forced and child labor somewhere in the process. (This topic is a heavy one - and one we’ll explore more and more on this platform).

We armed ourselves with lots of ambition and set out to develop ourselves so we could fight against this issue. Along the way, we found ourselves sitting in rooms we certainly did not belong in - meeting with the President and Chair of the Board for our school, leaders of Fortune 500 companies, and political leaders at state and federal levels. By all measures, we were the least qualified to be a part of these conversations, but we were there. So we made the best of it.

Every time we walked into a big meeting, we would chug some coffee, say a prayer and toss on our favorite blazers (mine is dark blue and Warner’s is black). When we needed to feel our best, we wore blazers. It was an instant confidence boost. You know the saying “look good, feel good”? That’s what blazers did for us, and we knew we couldn’t be the only ones.

So now back to the moment we described at the beginning. “Guys! Trailblazers! A blazer company for trailblazers!” For a while, it was a joke. A joke with potential, though.

We sat on this idea for about six months, but used the idea of ‘trailblazers’ to talk about the women that inspired us. There were more women than we could count. Every time we’d meet someone who believed in a better world, we would whisper to each other “oh, she’s a trailblazer.”

So in May of 2019, sitting at a conference, we looked at each other and said “what if we *actually* started a blazer company?” We jumped in, ignored what was happening at the conference, sat on the floor next to a garbage can and wrote the initial business plan for TrailBlazers.

So… why are we starting a sustainable blazer company?

  1. Blazers have become a symbol and tool to equip us with confidence - and it’s really difficult to find a good blazer. So, we’re going to make an outrageously comfortable blazer so people like you, can go blaze trails without restriction.

  2. Trailblazing women are worth talking about. This company is about more than a blazer, it’s about the women who are already doing amazing things. We’re just here to give you another push towards the way you’ll change the world.

  3. As a foundation, we believe all business should be ethical and sustainable. We know our supply chain won’t be perfect, but we are a part of the radical effort to strive towards that. Every day, we’re advocating for equity - for the people who will sew every blazer and to the planet that provides natural resources to make this possible.

Do we know what we’re doing? Not entirely; but we’re going to figure it out. 

We hope you’ll follow along on this trail. Wherever you are, you are a trailblazer. You’re blazing trails as a mother, teacher, coach, business leader, recent college graduate, and so many more areas. We are excited to expand, explain, and learn how each of you are Trailblazers in your own way!

The foundation of the word ‘trailblazer’ includes dramatically the need for togetherness. That the “doing” is not done by one, but by many. And how could we do it without others blazing trails before us? Some may call it “models;” we call it trails.

We need your encouragement along the way. So, from one trailblazer to another, let’s use our ambition for good. Let’s make a better world. Together.


Warner & Kenzie
(aka, your biggest fans)