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TrailBlazers is an ethical fashion company focused on the creation of women's professional clothing to empower a community of trailblazing women.

At TrailBlazers, we want every woman to:

  1. stop wasting money on uncomfortable clothes, 

  2. discover her best-fit blazer, 

  3. be supported by a community of trailblazers, and 

  4. feel empowered to blaze her own trails.



Kenzie Yates

After several experiences working with a nonprofit in Uganda, East Africa, Kenzie saw the power of market-based solutions for poverty alleviation and decided to pursue business and entrepreneurship. Since then, she has had the opportunity to develop marketing skills through her work at several for-profit and non-profit organizations. Equipped with skills in strategic thinking and creative solutions, Kenzie brings a business strategy perspective focused on social impact.

A few of Kenzie’s favorite things include: Ethiopian coffees, her Instant Pot, Athleta, weekends in Michigan and checking out new coffee shops!



Warner Hellyer

Warner’s passions lie in learning and understanding equity for all people--especially as it pertains to the supply chains of industries such as fashion and coffee. She has had the pleasure of working hands-on in a Direct Trade partnership with coffee farmers in Guatemala, and has been able to experience many different facets of the industry and the farmers' needs. After taking online classes and following and interacting with industry advocates within the ethical fashion industry, she now strives to live a more eco-friendly and conscious consumer lifestyle. Her values and goals in life are what drive her to advocate for treating people as people, encouraging and supporting them in any capacity.

A few of Warner’s favorite things include: laughing, black coffee, ethical supply chains, spontaneous adventures, and oversized sweaters on rainy days.